Expert Tips to Sell Your Kansas City Home Quickly

There are many reasons a homeowner may be interested in selling their Kansas City property quickly, whether that be because of a new job, a growing family, or shifting market conditions. However, the selling process itself can be complicated to navigate through, much less to navigate quickly. When selling on a deadline, follow these expert tips from Locate KC for a fast sale. But first, here’s what you need to know as a seller entering the local real estate market.

Residents living on both sides of Kansas City love this area for its growing job opportunities, its arts and music scene, and its top-rated universities. The Heartland is experiencing a cooling market, as overall closed sales have decreased by 25%, and supply has increased by 8% since 2021. More options for buyers, along with fewer sales overall, may put sellers in a difficult position to complete a quick sale. With this in mind, here’s how to sell your home quickly.

Research the market

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The first step to take when preparing to list Kansas City homes for sale is to research the local market. Generally, a seller wants to list during a seller’s market or when the housing supply can’t meet buyer demand. Work with your agent to assess the nuances and recent fluctuations in the housing market and predict where it may be headed.

Partner with a trusted agent

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Another way to save valuable time in selling your home is to partner with a local agent with plenty of experience in your community. An agent has a deep understanding of local market trends and can use this information to your advantage when pricing and timing your home listing. Additionally, they know what buyers in the area are interested in, so they can help you prepare your home so that it appeals to more buyers’ interests.

Although it is possible to sell your home independently, it’s stressful and time-consuming, as sellers must research the home selling process, prepare and market their own homes, take on negotiations, and move out of their properties on top of daily responsibilities. Buyers’ agents are also less willing to work directly with a seller, which can complicate matters and lengthen the process as well. An agent will help you avoid timely or costly mistakes with their up-to-date knowledge of local and state regulations. They’ll also have helpful connections within the community, like home contractors and professional photographers.

Prepare your property

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To sell your home on the Kansas City real estate market quickly, it’s best to give buyers as little reason as possible to reject the property. Even if major repairs are beyond your time frame, completing quick or aesthetic repairs can have a positive effect on a buyer’s impression of your property. Before showing your property, evaluate your home for small problems like loose hinges, carpet stains, holes in walls, and sticky drawers to make sure that everything looks its very best.

Also, take the time to clean and declutter your property. Mess creates a negative image of your home and can make buyers wonder what else has been neglected. Hire a professional cleaner, or clean your home top-to-bottom by mopping floors, vacuuming carpets, cleaning windows, and dusting off all surfaces. Keep spaces clear and organized by decluttering and donating unneeded belongings or by keeping items in a storage unit.

Market your home effectively

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To increase buyer interest in your home, you want to market your property effectively to garner the most interest possible. An agent can connect you with a professional stager to help you stage your home in neutral and appealing colors to create a blank canvas that helps buyers imagine the property for themselves. Remember to remove personal items like photos and souvenirs, which can be distracting to buyers, and keep rooms bright with plenty of natural light. Don't forget curb appeal, either, as the outside of the home is the first part of the property potential buyers will see, and this will set the tone for the rest of the tour.

Alongside expert staging, professional photography attracts buyers searching online. Online marketing has a larger reach than physical marketing, which is why professional photos are integral to getting your home seen and sold. They’re also the perfect lead-in to a listing description that sells the property and the surrounding community. Those listing Kansas City homes for sale may include community perks like Mill Creek Park, performances at Starlight Theater, and Boulevard Brewing Co., the pinnacle of the area’s craft beer scene.

Price carefully

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An integral aspect of a quick sale is to price your home carefully and competitively. Pricing too high can deter buyers from even looking at the property. Your property may linger on the market, or negotiations may take longer if a buyer makes an effort to negotiate a lower price. Although you can underprice for a speedy sale, sellers lose out on potential profit in the end. Your local agent will guide you in creating a savvy pricing strategy based on market data.

Include sales incentives

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To promote a quick sale, adding sale incentives can encourage buyers to close on a deal. Common incentives include covering closing costs, agreeing to inspections and contingencies, and following the buyer’s move-in schedule. Other perks like a transferrable home warranty and giving a credit for future repairs can also speed up a sale.

Ready for a quick sale?

When selling your home on the Kansas City real estate market, there are several steps to take for a speedier, more streamlined sale. If you need help listing your property, contact one of the experienced agents at Locate KC to help you through the process.

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