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Everything You Need to Know about Relocating to Kansas City

Kansas City is a great place to live, but if you’re new to the area or considering a move, you may not know much about all of the fantastic opportunities that Kansas City has to offer. Read on for an introduction to the community and an overview of what life in Kansas City is like. Whether you’re searching for homes for sale in Kansas City or simply planning to visit the area with family or friends, you’ll be able to prepare for a day of adventure and fun.

1. Kansas City is the city of fountains

You won’t travel far in Kansas City without coming across one of the city’s famous fountains. You may be surprised to learn that the fountains were initially installed for their functional purpose rather than their aesthetic appeal. During the late 1800s, thirsty dogs and tired horses would often need to stop for a drink. The fountains were built to provide both animals and people with a safe source of drinking water. Over time, various individuals began to integrate different design patterns and intricate sculptures into the designs of new fountains. These artistic additions made the fountains even more distinct than they already were. In 1973, a local Hallmark executive started the “City of Fountains Foundation.” This group worked to build new fountains and restore older fountains that were outdated or needed work. Today, you’ll find over 200 registered fountains scattered throughout the city.

2. Sundays in the fall are for Chiefs football

Photo courtesy of Unsplash
The Kansas City community takes great pride in their local NFL team. The Chiefs have been a local staple since the 1963 season. They experienced quick success, winning the AFL three times in the 1960s. They also took home the Super Bowl IV trophy in 1969 and Super Bowl LIV in 2019. Since 1972, the team has played their home games at iconic Arrowhead Stadium. You’ll marvel at the sea of red when you make your first visit. The team has been exceptionally competitive in recent years, winning the AFC West each of the past six seasons and making two trips to the Super Bowl in the past three seasons.

3. There are lots of opportunities for work

Kansas City prides itself on being one of the most affordable cities in the entire country. You’ll also have no trouble finding work once you arrive. The unemployment rate is only 2.2%, which is lower than the national average, and major companies like Hallmark Cards and Commerce Bank have chosen Kansas City as their corporate headquarters. Kansas City is also a top city for entrepreneurial start-ups and is home to many tech companies such as PayIt and iOR Partners.

4. Traveling around the area is easy

Photo courtesy of Pexels
You’ll find the Kansas City International Airport to be an easy terminal to navigate if you’re headed out on your next vacation or business trip. You can fly nonstop to many cities across the country and reach several international destinations.

You can also download the RideKC Bike app to save money on gas by utilizing the city’s electric bikes and scooters. If the weather isn’t nice and you don’t want to be outside more than necessary, you can hop on a bus or ride the Kansas City StreetCar to travel around the downtown area. In other words, you can purchase Kansas City real estate and get around town easily, even if you don’t own a car.

5. Barbecue is a serious business

Kansas City residents love their barbecue. There are many different styles of barbecue across the country, but Kansas City barbecue is known for its sweet tomato-based sauces and peppery dry rubs. Check out the original Joe’s soon after you arrive in town, and make sure you try their famous burnt ends. Q39 in Midtown is another local favorite.

6. The arts and history scene will keep you busy

Photo courtesy of Unsplash
If you love history or culture, you will love living in Kansas City. You’ll have plenty of new museums to explore that will give you a feel for Kansas City’s unique history and influences. The American Jazz Museum explains Kansas City’s jazz roots in detail. You’ll observe various photos and artifacts from America’s jazz era. Kansas City is also home to the National WWI Museum and Memorial. Their “War Remains” exhibit offers an incredible virtual reality experience that will immerse you in the history of the first world war like nothing you’ve ever experienced. Families will enjoy the Legoland Discovery Center and the SeaLife Aquarium, which are both located in the same building and actually share a gift shop.  

7. There’s always a festival coming up on the calendar

Locals in Kansas City have many different interests, and throughout the year, an array of festivals bring people together and provide a creative outlet. At the Kansas City Film Festival, you can meet various comic book creators and participate in ESports tournaments. Or, maybe you want to celebrate Irish culture at the next KC Fringe Festival. No matter what activities you enjoy, you’ll find a festival that will appeal to your interests.

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